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end2end: redux

The idea of taking part in another end2end cycle ride has always been at the back of my mind.
In fact Dave did talk of it after last year’s ride but due to work commitments and the like it was quickly forgotten.

Now that there is a bit of a cycling buzz back in the air with the Tour currently taking place the thought of trying again is strong.
So strong in fact that we have set a date to work too; Monday September 24th.

Last year there were four of us, this year however Rob is pre-occupied with a new born and Harry is re-covering from surgery (rumor has it is was sex change related) and so that just leaves Dave and I.
Merlin and Goose hitting the road again; there is some sense behind the names, not a lot mind you.

So far we have not decided which way we will tackle this, South to North during the summer is the best to take advantage of the gulf stream winds, but during September there could be the first signs of Northern winter winds. The best option is keep an eye on the long term forecast and make a decision closer to the date.

It is un-certain if we will be going for another sponsored event, as nice as it was to raise money it don’t half get in the way of the cycling. You really need your mind on the prize and not on who owes you what. But if that does change I’m sure we will call upon Joe Public for a bit of a donation ;)