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  • Third party apps make the platforms

    Goodbye, Twitter It was way back in November of 2006 when I signed up for this new exciting platform; Twitter. It was a break from the other social media networks as it limited your posts to 140 characters. This limitation was actually a key part of the platform, it was built to fit in with […]

  • Is 2023 the year of the blog?

    Is 2023 the year of the blog?

    Personally, I’m not a massive fan of the whole new year, new me movement. To me, if you want to be a better person or make improvements, it should not matter what the date is. That said, I do like the idea of looking forward to the next twelve months and planning a journey through […]

  • Ken Chamberlin

    Ken Chamberlin

    I remember sitting in the back of a hot car having flown into Poitier international airport for the first time, looking out of the window at the countryside and being slightly confused. You see, both Sean and I had recently surmised that our childhood had in part been the longest and best planned house hunt. […]

  • Looking to the future

    Looking to the future

    It is hard to believe it has only been a year. So much has changed and yet so little at the same time. The New Year is the time that many sit and make resolutions and plan improvement for the coming year. Maybe it is time to reframe our thoughts and look at it differently […]

  • Vittoria Terreno Zero Review

    Vittoria Terreno Zero Review

    At first glance the Vittoria Terreno Zero looks like a lockdown love child of the Corsa road tyre and a Terreno cyclocross tyre. Has Vitoria found that sweet spot for fast gravel rides?

  • Leaving Strava

    Leaving Strava

    It was 2010 and I signed up for the latest web service but unlike most of the signups this did not offer 140 characters to express my feelings, it was a new service called Strava. Back then Strava was pretty new, having only emerged a few years prior but it was gaining traction in the […]

  • Getting my racing fix

    Getting my racing fix

    2020 started off on the right trajectory. I had set myself some decent goals and spent a lot of the winter building my fitness towards some serious racing. An early race only went to prove this with a third place finish from a break.

  • Howdy


    You know that feeling, when you wake in the morning and that little thought pops into your head. “I had a blog, once”. Yep. I can confirm that after an online search for my name it turns out I do indeed have a blog. It is still alive and has been sitting here collecting dust […]

  • So I found a lump

    So I found a lump

    “Well, it all started when I found a lump” is a phrase I have been using quite a bit lately and it is surprising how those few words can totally change the tone of a conversation. Luckily for me my lump was located on the flesh of my left buttock and after examination was diagnosed […]

  • Every race is a lesson

    Every race is a lesson

    Round four of Mud, Sweat and Gears was held at Ickworth Park in Bury St. Edmunds. It was a new course for me but I had been informed it would consist of a lot of grassy climbs. With the sun shining we pack the car and head over there. After signing on I meet up […]