Digital Cowboy and DOM element wrangler

  • Back To Running

    With the nights getting darker and the days colder I’m not getting out on my bike so much. So I dug out my iPod and Nike+ sensor and decided to hit the tarmac again. After a few quick runs around the block I knew I needed a bit of motivation to keep on track so [Read More]

  • Untitled

    Some times you just can not think of a title and so you go with the old month and year algorithm. To which I’m now theming Nov07. I’ve always wanted to knock out some custom themes that are hand built from the ground up. But everything I try I end up with WordPress moving the [Read More]

  • It is NOT a Llama

    For a quite a while now there has been a farm of what I thought were Llama’s in the local village of Long Melford. Until one day a customer came into work and wanted some carrier bags for the produce from his Alpaca farm in Melford. I soon realised my mistake and after a conversation [Read More]

  • Never Take Me Seriously

    The other week end I was round at a friend’s house. Whilst my head was deep inside a pizza takeaway menu trying to decide what to have, Glen was fluffing about on his PC. He called over and said that everything had paused and nothing was working, without rising my head I replied with “have [Read More]

  • Can We Have Some Order Mr. Chairman?

    Last night I chaired my first committee meeting. During the Annual General Meeting of the local cycle club last month, chairman Peter Whitely decided to step down as chairman. During the silence that followed and the prolonged silence after volunteers were asked for, I sat there and pondered the idea. I should have looked back [Read More]

  • Finally Getting My Money’s Worth

    When I look in System Preferences it now tells me I’ve been a .Mac member since 2004. Since I purchased my first Mac I have signed up to Apple’s own web service but until the last few weeks I have only ever used a .mac email address. Now armed with Leopard and an iPhone I [Read More]

  • Leopard, A Week Later

    As any Mac user worth his salts will know that the latest version of OSX was released on October 26th October. Due to a bit of a mess up with a new hard drive I did not get round to installing Leopard until the following Friday. Since then I have had a little over a [Read More]

  • The Post 30 Post

    This time last week I woke up to my 30th Birthday. (Yes it has taken a while to write this, the started off with me making a big mistake and finished with a cold from hell) The plan for the day started with me waking to a massive migraine headache thing that put me on [Read More]

  • Finally Found Facebook

    I think that it is the thought of my upcoming 30th Birthday; yep I’m getting old. But over the last few days I’ve finally logged onto Facebook and been searching for old friends, or sometimes just names I know! So if you get a invite from me, don’t worry it’s just some form of pre-mid-life [Read More]

  • So The Big Cat Is Coming

    If you are a Mac user you will no doubt know that the new OS 10.5 is on the way. In fact Leopard is due for release on the 26th October; only a few days away. So far I’ve always upgraded to the latest version but recently I’ve lost the way with Apple. Despite other [Read More]