Digital Cowboy and DOM element wrangler

  • Monday mornings..

    Monday mornings are never really the best but this morning was a different matter. For some reason there was an extra brightness in the sky and the air was smelling just that little bit sweeter. Does this mean spring is on the way? I damn well hope so, I’m fed up with the cold and [Read More]

  • easyMobile – the discount mobilephoneco backed by no frills airline entrepreneur Stelios Haji-Ioannou – has taken off at last. And as reported, the cost of UK calls is 9p a minute while texts cost 3p. However, this is only a limited offer and from June, those charges will revert to 15p and 5p respectively. “We [Read More]

  • Xbox2 specs leaked (?)

    Microsoft’s second version of its [[Xbox]] console will feature a CPU with PowerPC cores, according to GameSpy, which claims to have scooped the specifications. I heard rumours of a PowerPC chip behind this machine many moons ago but decided not to believe the hype until confirmed. I’m still not convinced this is a 100% water [Read More]

  • Gran Turismo 4

    Today was the release of Gran Turismo 4 for the PlayStation2. I recieved my copy as usual and as of yet I’m undecided about the game. By far Polyphony have spent their time on the look and feel of the game but this whole photo gallery idea instead of some good network play seems a [Read More]

  • Beer is not fattening – it’s official!

    Today the register announced the following: Those of us who like a few pints already know that beer fights cancer and is an absolute life-saver in an avalanche emergency situation, but what about the apparently proven effect of ale on the old waistline, eh? After all, anyone who has ever been on a package holiday [Read More]


    Many moons ago I started looking into web sites and the languages behind them. Not being qualified or anything like that and only looking into this as a hobby I decided to try and teach myself [[HTML]]. Now I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet but it seemed to be going quite well. I [Read More]

  • Metal Gear 3

    Today was the UK release of Metal Solid 3: Snake Eater for the PlayStation2. Whilst I have aready been playing this through the use of a US copy and PS2 I think I will purchase the UK version. Rumours are there are more extras on the UK copy, a few more ‘Snake Vs. Monkey’ levels [Read More]

  • New iPod Line Up

    Apple today announced a change to the iPod line up. A new second generation Mini is available, now in 6gb formats. Also joining are the new iPod Shuffle machines, available in 512mb and 1gb capacities. Prices on the 4gb Mini have dropped to bring the new 6gb version in where the now older 4gb version [Read More]