Digital Cowboy and DOM element wrangler

  • Be very quiet, I’m hunting Tigers.

    That’s right I’m searching the internet, the news feeds and even under the fridge for any information to the latest release of OSX. According to the Apple website it is due for release the first half of 2005. But on April the 1st, it was announced to have ‘gone gold’ This is bascially the final, [Read More]

  • Triple time pay for road workers

    We had a letter through the door the other day to claim that they would finally try and sort out the surface of the road we live on, the plan was to close the road from Sat evening through till Sunday. We did not quite expect the machinery that they bought in to do the [Read More]

  • Pickle

    Today Lucy and I had a quick drive up to Attleborough to meet Muriel and Keith Barnes who are currently breading out baby Senegal parrot; Pickle. It was a pleasure to meet them, and Pickle, and I can’t thank them enough. We found it hard to come away empty handed but we know that Pickle [Read More]

  • First blast of the year

    Today was the first day I decided to bike to work this year. Normally once the weather improves I near enough live on the bike but once it turns cold I just shy away indoors. Friday morning the weather was looking good, but they have planned on re-surfacing the road outside my house so all [Read More]

  • Quiet and iLife05

    It’s been a bit quiet on the site of late, I think this is just things catching up with me. Easter was a tiring time with Lucy’s birthday thrown in. Too many dark days and bright nights were enjoyed but now I need rest. The only interesting item to post about was I purchased iLife05 [Read More]

  • Happy Birthday!

    Just a quick one to say happy birthday to Lucy! Thanks to all those who came out last night and enjoyed a drink, I took a few photo’s so I will see if any are worth putting up. Until then back to the celebrations.

  • Who gets Lara’s assets?

    SCI have today announced a bid to buy into Eidos. Eidos recently have not been on top of the world despite bringing the world Lara Croft, along with many other titles which completely slip my mind. They announced a major loss and requested a takeover to secure their future. The first to step foward was [Read More]

  • First Test of Wheel

    Gravy2012 and I had a quick go on the Logitech wheel over the week end. Well a quick go soon turned into about an evening’s worth. Add some beer and ales to the situation and as you can imagine we soon ended up making a night of it. The real reason for the extended ‘testing’ [Read More]

  • Logitech Driving Force Pro

    To be honest I’m not normally a fan of driving wheels or things like that. I just think a video game is just that, a game and any thing like these are just overkill. I will stand corrected and eat my hat and what ever else you have to do as today Lucy managed to [Read More]

  • 24hr Race

    I’m always inspired by the endurance races in motorsport, the main one being the Le Mans 24h. Just the idea of a team of people running a car flat out for a day without stopping. Just to keep the drivers awake would be enough, but to then build a car that will run on the [Read More]