Digital Cowboy and DOM element wrangler

  • Painkillers

    One in three Friday nights for me are a bit of a non event, Lucy is at work and so I have no real intention of doing anything, most of the time this is used to perform the regular maintainance on this site and the [[DAO]] one. This Friday was a bit different, I got [Read More]

  • Pain in the…

    back! I wish I knew what I have done but at present I’m crippled, OK not that bad but a serious amount of pain and not really enjoying it too much. It all started the other morning I think, lifting a PC into the boot of the car, I must have turned and done something [Read More]

  • The 7th is Pickle day

    Recieved one of my weekly email updates from Muriel Barnes last night and she has passed on the comments of: Just a quick line to let you know that your baby is getting along fine.? The attached pic was taken this morning after breakfast, although Pickle doesn’t actually have any now, she is offered supper [Read More]

  • Just missed the slime!

    I’ve been trying to put some miles under my belt the last few weeks yet everytime I get going I end up with a flat tyre. I have been running some slicks at the moment so that might have some to do with it, but then I was only running on tarmac. I looked into [Read More]

  • Make do workshop

    What a day, it all started off good, a nice ride into work and then greeted by a brand new Camelbak Havok in the post but on closer inspection of my bike at lunch time revealed a loose back end! I noticed there might be a problem there the previous day on the way home, [Read More]

  • Just like a camel

    With the weather getting better by the day I’m getting out on the bike more. Yet last year I was struggling to get all my crap to work in one bag and find a nice comfortable bag to do so! I’ve decided to purchase a new, larger, Camelbak this year so that everything can come [Read More]

  • Go for it

    I’ve decided to go for it with Tiger. My real concern is for applications not working yet I realised at the moment I’m only really using iPhoto and some other Mac programs. I’m hoping these will come out the other side smiling so what the hey. Plus if you pre-order from the Apple store you [Read More]

  • Tiger is unleashed

    It looks like the wait is over, the release date for Tiger has been confirmed. Placing a pre-order with tha Apple store will mean your copy will arrive for the 29th. Now I only have one question, do I upgrade on the day? All the nice new feaures of Tiger are appealing but can I [Read More]

  • Back to the grind

    Been a while since the last update and to be honest I’m glad, I’ve spent the last day just not wanting to look at a televison or computer screen after the GT4 race. The whole event went really well and it was a good laugh, but I am glad I did book the Monday off [Read More]

  • You can smell the fur

    Following on from my last post about Tiger, check out this link from Apple Insider. Yep they are still working on updates to Panther but the news about the first maintainance update to Tiger, 10.4.1 looks mighty interesting.