It was difficult to even watch

How do you do it Channel 4? How do you make me change my mind and watch an episode of Big Brother? Since about the first ever Big Brother I have never shown an interest in the program, I personally think of it as a complete waste of time and only extraverts and fame seekers need apply. So it going goes without saying that Celebrity Big Brother is even worse, a group of forgotten headliners try and hit the big screen again. This year the celebrities were even worse without a doubt. It was even a surprise that Channel 4 had any viewers. Then they pull out their ace card; Jade Goodie! Now my personal views of Jade since she was last in the house have been quite complimentary. Of all the former contestants (can you even call them that?) she appears to be the only person who has not sat back and waited for fame to fade. She has actually got out and tried to better herself. But no matter how many business’ you set up and how many times you are shown where East Anglia is on a map some things will never change, and in her brief time in the house it definitely shows! To be honest I’m not venturing into the whole ‘was it racist?’ argument, I did not watch the show. I saw some highlights and damn those girls gave Shilpa a hard time no matter what the motives. The big show down for me was the eviction. I just had to watch it knowing that this show was now the talking point around the globe and the uproar behind it. There were no crowds outside the house, she was rushed to a safe studio where the audience where hand picked and finally interviewed by Davina. If there was ever one of those moments on TV that will be remembered it was that interview, it was just cringe worthy to watch. The clips of the outbursts were just an embarrassment. How can she not have known that this was coming? She has already been in the house once, she knows that the camera’s are on you. Jade just has not got the intelligence or the vocabulary to even begin explaining her actions, to which a ‘sorry’ is all she could really manage. Not that I think it would do any good, just watching that footage it felt more like courtroom evidence than a game show. I’m guessing there will not be a Goodie Keep Fit video after this Big Brother, I think you have pretty much sunk your career Jade. As for Big Brother, once again I’m done for the year, unless you have some other clever little tricks…