Carbon treats


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When I fired up NetNewsWire and found the 1200 unread articles I knew it was going to be a long drag. Against my better judgment I found a passion for the ‘Mark all as read’ button, that was until I got down the the cycling feeds, something caught my eye; it was carbon related goodies.

167628766 8b2f73b7a9 mFirst up the new Time Trial machine from Trek, come on that just looks amazing, if your not convinced just check out those bars and that view! I’ve noticed that nearly all TT rigs this year feature a brake on the ego bars, so that you can still brake without coming up from the tuck.

167572896 a3796c1e27 mThe second treat was the new Look 595 frameset.
Having spent a couple of days following Rob on his 585 I have grown found of the Look carbon tubular frame. This frame improves upon the design that shot Thor into the sprints at least year’s TdF, that seat post is something else.