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Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro

Over the last 24 hours I have been reading and watching quite a few articles about the Apple Vision Pro headset and thinking about the upcoming launch, where it will sit in the technology stack and the future of such a novel product.

Currently I am not in the ‘FOMO’ camp; there are way too many hurdles to try and legitimately get hold of one. There have been so many stories of fake iCloud accounts, expensive flights to America and shipping costs to rival the $3,500 starting price tag. However I am very much looking forward to see this initial reviews and very eager to see how it will change our computing interactions.

This is clearly a first gen product for Apple and in my views it is probably more of a development kit for retail purchase. You can this with the late addition of different headbands after initial comments of weight and comfort with the advertised Solo Knit band.

Apple Vision Pro with battery

That said it is important to remember that both the iPhone and iPad started somewhere and look at that market now.

My take is that this will follow in the tracks of the Apple Watch, a product that no one was really sure how or what they will use it for until the developers got it in their hands and started paving the road. Honestly I cannot see I will be coding in augmented reality in the coming years but positive I will be attending meetings and consuming content with a headset on.