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You know that feeling, when you wake in the morning and that little thought pops into your head. “I had a blog, once”.

Yep. I can confirm that after an online search for my name it turns out I do indeed have a blog. It is still alive and has been sitting here collecting dust all this time.

Remember back when blogging was cool and everyone was creating custom WordPress themes every month? Those were the days, sat in front of the PowerMac with Coda open trying to think of a really cool design. So much has changed since then.

First and foremost I got old. Not really old just middle aged old. That said along with that I got a family; a real flesh and blood two children family. Unfortunately it also brought a mortgage and a lifetime of debt. Rough with the smooth I guess.

Honestly not sure what to do with this newly discovered platform. Pretty sure gone are the days of software releases or reviews of this new thing called Twitter. Maybe just use it as a release of mental overload. A place to gather words and share my thoughts. Can’t get any more overlooked than the last five years that’s for sure.