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So I found a lump

“Well, it all started when I found a lump” is a phrase I have been using quite a bit lately and it is surprising how those few words can totally change the tone of a conversation.
Luckily for me my lump was located on the flesh of my left buttock and after examination was diagnosed as a harmless lipoma.

When you recite that sentence; “I found a lump” you see the fear in faces and realise just how much more aware you should be of your health. Of course being a man after I found a lump I ignored it and actually booked myself on another cycling adventure. Don’t be a fool, get yourself checked out and if anything is out of the ordinary go have it looked at.

I was fortunate that my ‘lump’ was nothing a serious as cancer, but it still required going under the knife and I was admitted to hospital within weeks. I’m now sitting here recovering from surgery, banned from cycling for a month going out of my mind with boredom but quietly thankful for all I have.