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Nothing is permanent

You get up every morning.
You go to work every week day.
You think everything is good with the world.

That is until your boss tells you that there is no work to keep you employed and they can no longer keep your position open.
So now you come home and re-think what you want to do in life.
Redundancy does that to you.

Now let’s be honest, my job was SharePoint development and I have struggled for quite a while to come to terms with it. I have nothing against the platform or the product, it is an extremely powerful web application that helps no end of businesses the world over. My problem was with how everything to do with developing within SharePoint feels like swimming upstream, in a river of porridge, with your hands tied.

I love creating things, I love seeing some results and I get satisfaction when the project is moving along. Give me my laptop, a text editor and a few command prompts and I can start delivering. When it comes to developing for SharePoint I need a full ecosystem of multiple servers and agile working is just a pipe dream. It drove me round the bend.
Now it could well be that as a company we were just not doing it right. Maybe we were holding it wrong and that was our demise.

Now I’m at that cross-roads where I decide what to do.
My head is telling me to get back into front-facing client sites. I started off with php many years ago, I speak fluent html and css it makes sense to put these skills to use.
Until then I’m enjoying a few weeks of garden leave and spending time with my son, it’s going to be a wonderful change.