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Brighten Up The Office

If your lucky you have an office instead of a cubical. If your really lucky you have an office that is well looked after and painted in some subtle tones to inspire a relaxing working environment. If your me you end up in a studio with a bright yellow wall behind you and a bright blue to your right. This does not provide a perfect environment for the Creative Services crack team that is Jim Brown and myself. So in a Friday afternoon moment it was decided that we should spark the place up a bit, but rather than just obtain artwork or posters from the nearest shop we should think about it. What better excuse than to make some South Park avatars of ourselves and post up with something that matched.

Jim went with the heavy metal scene, no seriously he is that much of an AC-DC and Maiden fan.

Next it was my turn, I opted to keep it simple the only problem I found was that there was no iPhone accessory only an iPod.