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The Day I Met James Toseland

James Toseland is the current World Super Bike Champion, and now the best British bet at winning the MotoGP. Think of him as the motorbike version of Lewis Hamilton. Now I will level and say I have not always been up to date with my knowledge of motorcycling, so put me up against a die hard fan of Mr. Toseland and honestly could not answer questions about his beginning’s in trial bike riding. Or how he got signed into the 125cc class and worked his way up to his current Tech3 Yamaha MotoGP deal. But I do follow the sport and I know a good rider when I see one, you can also tell that James has a stand up personality. So when I heard that he was going to be visiting Bowers Motorcycles in Bury St. Edmunds I decided to go along and have a nose. When we first got there the first shock was the crowd. Queues for autographs went three times the length of the store. Second was the fact that after seeing JT Lucy had a bit of a overwhelming feeling. I was slightly put off by the queue so decided to head back into town to grab some food and plan my offensive. Whilst sitting in Burger King I used the internet to find out some details, trying to come up with a useful titbit of information I could use as a question. Then behind us two workers of Bowers appeared. Turned out there was going to be a piano set and then a second round of autographs. I now knew my plan, go back to the shop, when the crowd disperses as James takes a break, pick my spot and wait for the crowds to return. Sure enough JT went off for a break and like Moses the crowds separated and I was able to find a location just feet away from the grand piano they had set up for him. Having waiting for a while people started appearing again, soon I was surrounded yet my view was perfect. James returned and set about a 4 piece musical set, containing songs he had written himself. If being able to ride a motorbike was not enough, the boy can really tickle the ivories! After the applause had finally died the security went about trying to form a ‘reasonable’ queue again. This is where I noticed a complete change in Lucy. She was now all 'girly’ and going a bit week knee’d. She actually tried sweet talking the security guard into starting the queue behind her. It worked!

We were actually second in line and my awesome question was fresh in my head. I was ready to walk up with Lucy and obtain a handshake and a signed poster. Yet when the time arrived it did not quite go as planned. That part of the female brain that makes women go a little bit crazy suddenly took over Lucy. She instantly stepped up to the plate, almost pushing me aside. Realising I was no competition for the 27 year old Superbike rider I opted to take advantage of the situation and took some more photos of Lucy with him. Finally Lucy’s feet touched back on tera firmer and she introduced me, now I got my handshake. I thanked him for the set and taking the time to meet the supporters, wished him all the best in 2008 and let the next in line take their turn. Strange how even though you think your fine, sometimes you just end up being polite and wishing people well. My question was discarded but I got to met a legend, one which will hopefully go onto bigger and better achievements. If not I’m sure he will be in the music scene very soon. Full Photo Set