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So WordPress 2.5 Is Out?

Version 2.4 was skipped and the WordPress development team jumped straight from 2.3 to 2.5, and what a move it was. They have even updated the WordPress site to match. To be honest this feels more like a full digit upgrade than a point improvement. But this could be down to the visuals more than anything. The admin panel has had a complete make over, and whilst it is getting some stick and personally I still think Habari still has it trumped (I love that clean grey interface), it is far better than the previous versions of WP. Included in this new release is a new ‘Media Manager’ which will make finding your included media files a lot easier. Apparently there is also a Media Gallery which I hear can be used as a photo gallery of sorts. So far I’ve not had enough time to really test all the new features and take it for a full test drive but so it looks and feels a lot better than 2.3. Yep shibbyonline is now running 2.5 so time to update some plugins and fine tune some template tags.

Update: Shibbyonline is now hosted on Tumblr