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Great Notification Dreamhost

I woke this morning with the plan on spending some time updating mine and a few other sites I have hosted on my Dreamhost account. But after firing up Coda it reported it could not connect via ftp. So I decided to try standard http, only to find my (and others) down. Off to the Dreamhost site where I find a support blog with this message. Turns out they are moving the cluster my site is hosted on and t will be down for 12+ hours! WTF! 12 hours and you could not be bothered to actually let me know, you posted it on a blog that I’m not subscribed too, nor did I know I needed to visit. Now I know that my site is not mission critical, in fact the interwebs might not even notice it missing but what about all those people who run a business on their site. You owe it to them to give them advance warning of downtime of this scale. I mean come on I’m sure you can guess our email address!