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Graphic Design Poster Competition

Veerle started a competition last week with the goal to sum up what you thought graphic design is all about. I started off enjoying looking through the Flickr pool for the submissions until at the week end whilst sitting with young Oscar I had a quick idea, the result was not really graphic design per say but it was creative.

Graphic design is...

Then sitting there the other evening I thought more about what I thought graphic design is all about. Graphic design can take on a lot of elements from typography to colour schemes, but because I do not know my kern from my glyph I had to think deeper. To which got me to thinking about the graphic in graphic design. But what does make a good design? When it suddenly hit, the best designs are the ones that are instantly recognizable, designs that can work across countries and break language barriers without any need for an explanation or description. To which in my view graphic design is the ability to create something that lasts longer than the initial viewing, a design that can speak without saying and is understood by all viewing it.

Graphic Design Is... by Funky Larma