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Are You html 5 or xhtml 2.0

I spent my lunch hour reading through Mike’s brilliantly well written article about the differences between the proposals for both html 5 and xhtml 2.0. Normally something like this would not have engaged my full attention but recently I have really been trying to touch up on my standards; for reasons that will get explained later. But reading through this I found myself already seeing the code and putting ideas into place. I’m not going to re-trace the points; your better off reading the original. Whilst some of the ideas are stunning and a complete piece of ‘why was that that not thought of earlier’ such as nl list’s for navigation. I can not see it being a mass migration to new methods. Lets be honest even now we can not get all browsers to play friendly and support the elements we have got. Add some more new clever bits in there and I can only see a mess of broken sites; I’m looking at you Internet Explorer! That said there is definitely some interesting times ahead and they will both have their set purpose on and in the interwebs. The development of these two standards is something to keep an eye on.