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Sans iPhone

You have read that right, I am without iPhone. My beloved little gadget; the third arm I have learnt to live with; the grail of all Apple products has broken. It all started with a bike ride. The phone was in my pocket, as I do nearly every day, yet this time when I went to retrieve my phone I noticed it was turned off. I hit the ‘home’ button to check and sure enough nothing. So I tried the power button, still nothing. Did I not charge it? Was it flat? Not convinced by this I connected it too my G5 to check. For once I was not greeted by the little two-tone connection noise, instead I got more of the same; nothing! No idea what has happened, the phone was not knocked, dropped or abused in any other way. There are no visible signs of damage or malfunction, just a dead phone. So back to Apple we go. The only problem I have now is learning to live without it. I can manage a lack of text messages and phone calls but I miss the extra bits the most. Checking my emails on the fly, updating my Twitter status on the move, checking my feeds on the toilet. How will I cope!