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Some times you just can not think of a title and so you go with the old month and year algorithm. To which I’m now theming Nov07. I’ve always wanted to knock out some custom themes that are hand built from the ground up. But everything I try I end up with WordPress moving the goal posts (in respect of function changes in 2.3) or a incomplete style sheet and this bugs me! They never feel complete and I know it, to which I’m never happy and I move on to something else. But a few months ago I started following the Blueprint CSS project. I know these CSS frameworks are getting some stick; or at least provoke great discussions, but I felt I needed to try it out for my self. So I set about building a theme from the grass roots of Blueprint, but as with most people I fell foul of the grid layout in Blueprint and ended up floating back to my floats and widths to get things positioned. But if you look closely you will see a lot of Blueprint in here under the bonnet. The design itself is something I have been working on for over four months now; yep I know I’m slow, but each time I get some where I have to change directions and it gets put towards the back. The first sighting was during October when I managed to rush a pink version out. I wanted to move towards a darker site but something that I could build off for quite a while. So whilst it is up and running now, expect a few tweeks and changes here and there. Look out for a Blueprint inspired downloadable theme in the future.