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With the nights getting darker and the days colder I’m not getting out on my bike so much. So I dug out my iPod and Nike+ sensor and decided to hit the tarmac again. After a few quick runs around the block I knew I needed a bit of motivation to keep on track so I started browsing the Challenge gallery on the Nike+ website. The first one I clicked onto was the PC vs. Mac; well I just had to and no points for guessing the side I picked. But the second challenge I found looked interesting; ’Run Supersonic vs The World

On 17 November London’s fastest 1000 proved their speed at Nike+ Supersonic: a 1K Sprint Speedway fuelled by live performances from Dizzee Rascal and The Enemy - see it at The final is over. The race has just begun. Whoever logs the fastest 1K before 5 January ‘08 wins an exclusive music prize. Will London retain its Supersonic crown?

It actually had a purpose so I, like 490 other people, joined up. Since then I’ve not focused on it, just doing my simple runs and letting iTunes work out my best 1km. Having submitted a few runs I decided to check the leader boards; hell yeah I’m 17th!