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It's Halo Time

There are times like today when I just love living in sleepy quiet Sudbury. Because it means there are no queues at Woolworths and you canjust walk on in a pick up a copy of Halo3! This game as been in the making for the last 37 years, or so it seems. I know that Chris has had it on pre-order at Amazon since April 2006! As usual I did not pre-order, I did not panic and run around I just took my chances, walked into town just before 9am and into Woolworths. Admittedly there were 5 people in front of me all doing the same but with plenty of copies on the shelf there was no deathmatch to get a copy. Instead I sparked up conversation with the chap next to me. At the till I handed the display case to the teller and noticed a limited edition box set on the shelf behind the counter “any chance I can have that one?” I ask with a smile. “Sure thing, it’s the same price” Not able to believe my luck the chap I spoke to earlier clocked it and asked the same. We bagged the only two box set versions in Sudbury. I collect my receipt and walk out and make my way home. The whole process took less that 15 minutes and I’m not home with the Limited Edition box set of Halo3 for the same price as the standard game. Score!