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Delusions of grandure

I just can not stand reality shows; Big Bother, I’m a Celebrity and anything else like that just makes my skin crawl. The only thing worse than those shows are the talent show; X Idol, Pop Factor, Britain’s Next Drama Queen. They are all just excuses for 15 minutes of fame.

Lucy on the other hand loves them, so much so that Saturday evening we had to watch another round of qualifying for X Factor. It started off with me eating a lovely spread of Cannelloni and salad but after a few minutes I just could not stomach food; that is how awful some of these acts are, they stopped me eating; which is a tall order!

Anyway food aside I sat there watching it, sinking in my seat at every off key note wondering what actually passes for entertainment these days. Then something happened which made me stop and think.
The young Whitney hopeful contested the judges decision and claimed she was better than anything before.
Now I heard her singing it was pretty poor, ok not as bad as some that had failed before her but it was no where near good enough to be anything more than a mediocre karaoke singer.
Not content with the four ‘No’ decisions her father decided that it was time for his intervention. So he stepped in to make them see sense.

Simon Cowell is not the person I would chose as a Friday night drinking partner but you have to respect him for making millions in the music trade. Yep he has signed some crap and forced some questionable acts onto our screens but he is the one that will step into his Maybach and jet off to his villa. He must know something about what is successful.
We would all wish our family and friends the best of luck (if they actually stood a chance) but wearing those rose tinted glasses to the point of blocking out reality will not help. You are just building a bigger fall.

If you have TRUE talent it will shine through and you will get to where you want to be, there is no need for 'another’ chance. Before you say 'this is all I’ve ever wanted’ think just how many people before you said that, be orginial try a different angle. But above all just do it the old fashioned way; blood sweat and studio time, no one from these shows has really made it or made an impact.