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Nailed the Theory

Yesterday was the second part of my motorcycle career; the Theory Test. The Theory Test is something I never had to complete when learning to drive a car but due to the changes in the law on motorcycle tests I had to take one before I’m allowed out on ‘big’ bikes. The test is taken in two parts; the first part is a section on general Highway code knowledge and takes the form of multiple choice questions. The second section is the hazard awareness test, where you watch 14 movie clips of a car driving round and you have to click each time there is a hazard. I passed now but I do not think I could do it again, it was harder than the driving test I took years ago. The first part is pretty straight forward, all you have to do is brush up on your knowledge and ensure you’ve got some common sense. But the second part; Hazard Perception, not a hope in hell of doing that again! For an experienced driver it is such a 'hit and miss’ affair, yes you saw the van on the side road and you did accept it was a hazard but because this happens every 200yards in modern driving you not realise this is what you should be clicking at. The first time I tried this I failed miserably, Sean also had a go and sat there on two clips and did not click once; “nothing wrong with that driving, couple of twats on the road but apart from that fine” was the end comment. It took me a while to realise and understand what the DSA wanted me to do and where to click. Now I’ve completed this part the next is to get some training booked and get out there on a 500cc bike!