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Pass the Dog and Bone

It feels like my left arm has been surgically removed… no wait it’s still there, turns out that it is just my phone that is broken, but it does come across like a missing limb. When I got into the office the other morning I plugged my 6 month old Sony Ericsson K800i into the computer for it’s daily sync and charge. Once completed I unplugged the phone but it did not restart into normal phone mode. In stead in just sat there with a white screen, in an attempt to sort out I tried turning it off; nothing, no buttons are working. So off comes the rear cover and the battery is out. Now the phone will not start at all, every time I press the power button the infra red port flashes a red LED about six times and nothing. Not being the best with phones I contacted o2 who claim it needs to be returned for repair, but if I some how caused the death of my phone then I will be chargeable for a new handset; love customer loyalty! So now I have a new colour to add to my ever growing list of ‘Death Colours’; the Sony Ericsson White Screen Of Death. Until this is sorted I am phone-less, if you have been trying to get hold of me your out of luck; drop me a line instead or better yet make a journey and pop round, the kettle has just boiled.