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True Easter Break

I have done it!
I spent a day without any computer/interweb interactivity!

My plan this Easter week end was to try and distance myself from a computer screen for at least a small period of time. It just so happened to be around 36 hours and man it felt great for doing so.

I love my time on the computer and trawling the tubes for new information, my recent addiction to Twitter has made this even more enjoyable but it gets to a stage were you are just a drone clicking for kicks.

To which I decided that I would go cold turkey and just switch the G5 off. My saving grace was the fact that the weather here in Suffolk has been awesome; temperatures reaching 18 degrees centigrade and clear blue skies. So it was easy to swap my mouse for a handlebar and finally get back out on my bike. In all the sun I managed to cover just over 130 miles and see some sights that I have never viewed before; the most notable was the Orwell Bridge near Ipswich.

Now I’m back at work, in front of another computer and catching up with the Flickr feeds and Twitter posts. The peace was nice while it lasted.