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To Twit or Twitter

I have slowly been growing more and more addicted to Twitter. At first I was not convinced, I signed up in the early stages and had a few ‘twitterings’ but I just could not see the benifit of the service. For those not in the know, Twitter is a service that let’s you share what you’re doing right now on the web via various formats; web, IM, phone and SMS. You might be thinking where is the fun in that, true, that’s what I felt a while ago and so left my account to collect dust. Then came SxSW to which I wanted to follow the goings on and catch up on some peoples view’s of the panels. What service was the best to do this; Twitter. Being able to follow what Colin was up to as he walked around was great. Using Twitters own SxSW service and follow other visitors was awesome, best thing you can get when you have no hope in hell of getting there yourself! This experience suddenly gave me that lightbulb moment, that flicking on of a switch that makes you realise that you had made a mistake and under-estimated the possibilites that Twitter could offer. Since then I have been making the most of my Twitter life and so far it is really taken a hold of me. Some say it is Twitter addiction, I just think I find it interesting; I mean I could stop, I don’t need to Twitter, I only Twitter because everyone else does. OK I’m slightly addicted. But I’m not the only one. This has lead me into a different direction, at present I am so busy with other projects or demands that I am not getting the time to blog as much as I want to. Yet tapping out a quick 'Twitter’ on my phone is easy enough, or typing away at Twitteriffic does not take long. But it got me thinking, how many blog posts end up just being a little Twitter, or has your blogging habits developed a more 'Twitter’ based quality? I can honestly answer yes. Then I stumbled upon Alex King’s Twitter Tools (via Matthew) and it got me thinking about including my Twittering’s into my site. Well if I’m not getting time to blog I may as well Twitter. In my head I can see the layout, a nice CSS formed Twitter article every time I can. The world would be saved. But hold on how many times do I Twitter? So far today we have 4, add to that another 6 or so by nightfall and we have around 10 posts a day. A bit TOO much I think. To which I’m not trying to work out how I can display my Tweets with my posts and not over power the latter. Hold on did I tell Twitter I was writing this post? Pheew! Done, now every one will know about the post about Twittering that is Twittered. Some one please sort this out, if I’m not careful I will end up as a Twitterholic!