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Long live the Poisson Rouge

“je suis un poisson rouge” That is the limit of my French speaking skills. And I have no idea where I got that from! Yet I’ve just come back from a weekend in France and some how I managed to get food and water. Ok I was with people who have a better understanding on the language than I do.

Around 4 years ago my parent’s bought a small converted barn/cottage in Northern France; just North of Boulogne Sur Mer. I have been over there a couple of times but since no renewing my passport for the last 3 years I’ve not left the comfort of the British Isles. Now I have a new Passport I thought I had better stretch my legs and see what France had to offer. For one it was a beautiful day on Saturday, so our walk round Boulogne was very pleasant. Second was the awesome selection of Cheese’s on offer. Finally there was the idea of ‘getting away from it all’, worth the trip on it’s own. It was only a quick trip, just a day to spend out and about and we spent it looking around Old Boulogne. New Boulogne was built outside the original town walls. Where as the old town is still in it’s roots inside the walls, along with the Cathedral. I am not a religious person by any stretch but you can not ignore the buildings used as places of worship, coupled with that the French Architecture which in my mind is eyeopening at the best of times and I was lost for the afternoon. More photos from the day. I’ve forgotten what it was like to spend a few days away from everything and just unwind. However it is now Monday and the phone is ringing…