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Happy 60th

There is not much that you could say about Mr. K J Chamberlin, go on you can google him and despite the fact that the Applegate directory have him listed as a business there is not much to find. Yet he has been the most important male figure in my life and I get to call him dad. Today marks his 60th birthday and by all accounts it does appear to be a rather large milestone in the scheme of things. I’m not going to get all gooey and say I miss the father/son picnics and sports day events; simply because there weren’t any. Not through choice I’m sure, it’s just that during his early stages my father decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a farmer, this normally meant that during those summer holidays I spent most of the time sitting on a tractor or running up and down fields following a combine. Something that I would not have changed for the world. Yet he was never without his words of wisdom: “_son, if you want to go far in this world, never become a farmer_” These words remain strong and so far I’ve not gone back on them. But looking at what he has achieved I would not knock the outcome; a healthy happy family around him, valued friends, a respected member of the local community and a interesting speaker and talking point to boot. To which on this day I take my hat off and say if that I hope in 30years time I’m as well rounded and respected as you are, if nothing else the bus pass will definitely help!