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30 years of madness

This week end marked a significant page in the diary. Saturday was Lucy’s brother; Ant, his 30th birthday. Of course this meant there would be some celebrating in only a way that Ant knows, too much beer but no one really expected an X-Rated lap dance with a cement mixer. To kick the party off with a touch of class it was formal wear only, Ant of course went one step further and donned a white tux, making him look like a rough mix of The Godfather and a tubby James Bond. The next step was the venue, the Corn Exchange in Stamford, which was host to Ant and Charlottes wedding reception a few years back. The stage was set, the lights were low and flashy and the guests began to arrive. Bar staff were warned that it could be a boozy night and that there is a good chance we will out drink the place so stay well stocked. It did not work, they ran out of: beer, vodka and coke. One of the highlights for me (apart from the cement mixer dance; later I tell you) was an awesome 30minute set by Richard. Playing an acoustic guitar he ran through a medley of number one hits from the last thirty years. There was everything in there and performed perfectly, if you ever wanted a personal gift that was it.

After this came the grand prize giving, hosted by Paul there was a quick round of singing and then the standard birthday cake. After this was a presentation by Phil with a gift from the boys; a brandy decanter with matching silver tag. The tag was engraved with the message Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo (I will leave you to google for the translation). Finally it was time for the ‘big one’, most people had chipped in to purchase the man a new cement mixer! Well what says 'I love you’ more than a giant orange petrol powered machine? To say that Ant was happy to recieve this present was an understatment, all party goers were then subject to a 3minute 'love’ ritual as Ant got accustomend to his new toy, in some places too accustomed. Happy Birthday Old Boy!