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Lows and Highs

This morning started with a defiant low, I closed the front door on Lucy knowing that I would not see her again for another two weeks. Lucy is on her way to North Carolina on business for the next 14 days to try and help sort out the partner company in the USA. She has been whisked away before but so far it has always been during the week, never at a week end. This helped as I never had time to really stop and sit back and think too deeply. Now this time is started at the beginning of the week end, this is different. I keep wanting to make a brew for two, or walking around the house a bit lost like. To take me mind off things I opted for that ‘high’ feeling. I walked into town and handed the local BHF shop over £1100 in donations! I would love to say it was from my own hand but alas it was the final lot of the money from the end2end ride. It was a great feeling to see the looks of the girls faces when you hand them that. They truly appreciated the gesture and it gave me that great big warm feeling inside. What a day, start at one end of the scale and end up at the other end; feeling a lot better.