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iPhucking want one!

It is January which means only one thing MacExpo! The time of year were Mr. Jobs shocks the world with just ‘one more thing’. This year there was no exception just a slight change in the proceedings. There was no last minute shocker, it was full blown shock from the outset. First up we have AppleTV or iTV as it was nick named. This is a clever streaming media device that will sit under your hi def TV and stream movies, music, photos and other such media treats from up to 5 machines. Very clever me thinks but I’ll wait to see if it will stream Aperture libraries until I get too excited. Second shock, the fabled iPhone. After Cisco released a wifi phone labeled iPhone I thought it was the end of the rumour mill for Apple. Yet Steve manages to pull one out of the bag, a wide screen, touch enabled iPod with phone capabilities! (Now thats a gadget to behold) The Apple iPhone has not passed FCC approval and so will not be on sale or advertised as being so until it does but the Keynote indicated prices of around $499 for the 8gb phone and a two year contract.