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Bachelor Days

Lucy has gone away for a few days on some work related training thing, so I’m left to my own devices. What do I do for three days? How can I pass the time? Just me, the Xbox and some killer games. Time to catch up with some serious gaming. First up we have Splinter Cell Double Agent; bit old hat now I know but I’ve not really had the time to really check this out. Next up there is Tony Hawk’s Project8. It has been some years since I played a Tony Hawk’s game, probably number 2 but the latest version looks very promising. Finally we have Gears Of War, the latest killer game from Epic and the Mircosoft Studios. I’ve played this through on the Casual difficulty but now is time for the big challenge; Hardcore and Insane level. Now if only I could devote as much time and effort to the washing up the house would look great for when Lucy returns.