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Aperture Virgin

Last night I downloaded the trial version of Aperture to test out and see what it is all about. For those of you in the dark Aperture is Apple’s ‘Pro’ photo application, think of Aperture as what Final Cut Pro is to iMovies for iPhoto. It installed fine and everything looks great but I am totally at a loss now on how to manage my library. Before iPhoto would take care of everything for me and I was never really worried about storage. Just plug in the card reader, import the photo’s and create some albums. Obviously being a Pro application Aperture has some very clever ideas and tricks about the storage and management of files, so much so I’m completely at a loss. On the startup I decided to import my iPhoto library to give me something to play with. By clicking the wrong button I imported the files into the Aperture library so in essence I have two copies of every photo. But during the import everything was put into 'rolls’ which is iPhoto’s way. This works very well in iPhoto but you don’t get to see it much, it all happens like magic. However when I looked into these rolls there is everything in there, even the modified pictures. Then when looking into the files and the Aperture project folders everything has an iPhoto slant on things. All files are tagged as iPhoto, the folder structure of Aperture is labelled iPhoto libary and everything is stuck in some 250 odd project files created from the roll import thing. What do I do, I want a nice clean crisp structure for everything but where do I go with the Project files, the Album files and the Folders that can be created within Aperture. Has any one got some good tips on file management for Aperture or a few rules to the importing and storing of photo’s?