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.mac webmail woes

Recently Apple have updated their webmail client. For many weeks they have been promising a sweet looking web based version of the popular But why can you not make so I can use it! At work I run Windows2000, all updated up to the hilt. With a copy of FireFox2 as my portal to web. I point my address bar at, log in with my details and up pops my lovely pretty webmail portal. Everything looks great, an almost un-faultable interface with everything needs right at your finger tips. So I’m off to create my first email, I click the new button. A new window opens up with a few buttons on, then a highlighter banner and nothing else! No text area, no address bar or Ccc fields. To try and solve this I opened up the same page in Safari, worked fine. There is a small loading time as the AJAX goodness goes on behind the scenes but the full editable page opens up. Next off was a copy of Internet Explorer. Holy html errors on a stick, that works! Apple I love the idea of your webmail client but I will only use this when I’m not sitting at my Mac, namely at work. PS. When I’m at work I won’t use Internet Explorer, please can you fix it for me to check my emails again!