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What no Power?

Yesterday I came home from work to find the power was out. My first thoughts was that Lucy had forgotten a bill or something. Then it turned out all the houses in our little block were without power. We phoned the electricity board and were told that a explosion had occurred and they had to take the power down for Health and Safety reasons. Not a problem, except for the fact that no body was about to fix the problem. So we went over the road for a curry, they have power! The church next door had power, the factory down the road had power, in fact every one had power except the few houses in our neck of the woods. A phone call at 6 advised us that workmen were on the way and we should be up and running within 3 hours. 5 hours later they turned up to dig up the road! Nothing like emergency explosion treatment! Reading an article in the local paper reports of manhole covers blowing up and sparks from drains, residents be escorted off. Sorry I must have missed my escort or do I not fall into that category!