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Red Ring Of Death

Move over Blue Screen Of Death I now fear the Red Ring. I always thought a Red Ring Of Death was an over active take away condition. To my miss guided truth it turns out to be the reason I can not play Splinter Cell Double Agent. Friday was a bad enough day at work, so harsh that I decided to treat myself to a copy of the new Splinter Cell game; Double Agent on the way home. Because Lucy does not really take to me spending money on my own I left it in my bag to start with when I got in. She proceeded to tell me about how her day was and then hit home hard with “the xbox is broken!” Turned out she came home and wanted to carry on with the Lego Star Wars game and turned the machine on. It booted but then the screen went all ‘funny’ (her exact words) and froze. Sure enough it goes all funny (my words now) and will not load. I removed all the storage devices in a hope that this was hindering the booting, now I had a flashing red ring! Many attempts at trying to solve this only resulted in the same; red ring of warning. To which I could only conclude; “dat’s propper fooked!” Time to dig out the paper work. We had actually bought the machine second hand from PC World over 9 months ago. To which I had very limited hope in getting a replacement. Regardless we made the trip there and then and proceeded to explain the problem to the overly qualified, supper skilled, social machine behind the counter. We are not sure if the problem of 'funny’ screens is outlined my Microsoft’s return policy or whether we just looked like a disparate pair but we walked out of there with a brand spanking new Xbox! Now that is customer support and for once I was impressed by PC World. Now all I need to do is find the time to play that damn game!