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It's been a week

Seven whole days. 168 hours. 10080 little minutes since my last cigarette. Last Friday morning I decided to try kicking the habit (again). Inspired by Thomas over at The Undersigned, nothing to do with not being able to ride my bike without feeling my lungs jump out of my chest!, I went out and purchased the usual nicotine replacement products and set about trying to quit smoking. I did not post at the time as so many times I’ve said I’ll stop and never do, now at least I’ve made a week and it does feel like a mini goal under my belt. The first few days were fine and to be honest I only used the chewing gum stuff through boredom. Yet the last couple of days have been pretty harsh, countless times I’ve wanted to give in and join Mark outside for some ‘fresh’ air. So far I have found something else to take my mind off it but the week end will be the real tester. Going out and drinking. Some how it does not sound as appealing without the smokes!