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Another memory format?!?

After many phone calls and countless disagreements with T-Mobile I have finally upgraded my phone. More importantly O2 have upgraded my phone and until T-Mobile learn to take care of existing customers and offer them the same deals as the new customer I will not be going back! Anyway, I now have a K800i handset. Why? The phone boasts a 3.2mp camera. Nope that’s it, that’s the only reason I got one. Yes it will sync with my Mac, with a little help that is. True I do prefer Sony Ericsson phones to all the others out there but the ability to carry what is a good camera around in my pocket is worth it’s weight in gold.

Well I invested in a CyberShot camera many years ago. I went out and purchased the memory sticks. Then Sony went and produced the MagicGate memory stick (same thing but capable of storing music and copy written files) Years later I purchased a P800 phone, whats this? A smaller memory stick is now available; Duo. So off I went again to purchase another set of media. To add to this they also created the Memory Stick Pro and then MagicGate Duo’s and Pro Duo Sticks; I think! Imagine my frustration then when I open the K800 to find yet another format; the M2! What the hell Sony, give it a break. Do we really need yet another memory format for your devices. Ok yes the M2 is small and marketed against the likes of the MicroSD card but come on. So off I go again, more money in Sony’s pocket, well that have got a PS3 to pay for! As you can see it is some what small, in fact the M2 is one of the smallest cards I’ve ever used. Just opening the packet was an event, you fear dropping the card and loosing it forever. Despite my feelings towards Sony they do still supply the adapter so that you can use it in the standard Memory Stick slot devices. The prices for these cards are at least a bit healthier on your pocket. I picked up a 512mb version of under £18, not bad storage per £. So far the card works well in the K800i with no noticeable write times or delays. I will give it a few weeks and also see how the phone performs.