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Monday Morning

When I opened the curtains the weather was less than perfect, it looked like the first fog for a while. Yet little did I know what today had in store. On the ride into work the skies were clearing up and things looked a bit brighter. At work I remembered the deal, two big deliveries were moved to Monday morning, no escaping it I was stuck in the warehouse. Then Rob calls, desperate to get hold of me he pops in. Are you busy he asks? Yes sort of, whats the deal? Well I got to go and see the release of a lot of 2007 gear if you fancy the drive? The event is the press release for Scott, held in Basildon Park it was going to host all the latest gear ready for production next year. Can you believe it, next week I’m off work and nothing to do. This week, the one day I can not get out of turns out to be the only day this event is on.