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Lost; you telling me!

Lost, the program about a group of people who survive a plane crash and live on an island. Sounds quite a simple idea really, yet there are some confusing things, the hatch, the others and polar bears! Last night saw the UK saw the airing of the finale to Season 2. Only a few words… WTF!?! I’ve only been watching the program since the begining of season two, I missed the boat on the first lot. Slowly I have been dragged into the show and taken everything with a pinch of salt. Things which you would normally find confusing you just brush aside and try to forget about. Yet something has gone a bit too far. We know what happens when you don’t press the button, sure; fair enough. But why are we getting more characters thrown into the mix when there are still so many questions left unanswered? Don’t worry I do understand that is the meaning of the program but by the time the third season is shown I will have totally forgotten about what happened to Mr. Echo. Lost is the condition it leaves you in rather than a clever title.