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Bit of tweeking

You may notice a couple of changes around here. I’ve been working on a few different ideas for the site. The main one being the photo album page. For many month’s I’ve used the WordPress FAlbum plugin for displaying photographs from my Flickr account. However I found this a bit bloated, it adds lots of code and calls on the server from within WordPress. I wanted to find a simpler approach to the problem and stumbled upon Brett Driscoll’s Cruiser app. Cruiser is a standalone web interface for accessing Flickr accounts. It uses phpFlickr which should have been my first port of call but as Brett has done such a good job with the rest of Cruiser why not adapt his work. So far I have installed Cruiser and I’m in the process of modifying the styles to suit the site. There are few modifications I want to make and bit of code adjustment to get it how I really want but in general not a bad bit of work there Brett!