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New home and a new start

This should hopefully be a ‘come back’ style of post, as you will know I have been some what pre-occupied with other things and the whole blogging side of my life was put on hold. Yet what better to kick start your progress than a new theme! I present to you: Frost. It is still not 100% complete but over the next few days it should be tweaked to a point of being workable. The second more important news is that shibbyonline has moved. For many years the good people at UK Cheapest have been providing me a place to call home. Yet with another year looming I thought I would shop around. I ended up at 5thirtyOne and noticed the offer currently running with his host of choice; DreamHosts. Being the cheap bastard that I am I signed up and got a cheap year; thank you Derek! All in all despite the lack of work on the surface things have been moving very quickly behind closed doors. Now that everything is sorted it just leaves me time to sort out my email clients and the new DreamHost settings.