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FrostFrost is actually named after ex warehouse man; Colin Frost. The idea was to keep a simple and clean white/grey scheme to the design. As per most of my design ideas now I wanted to keep the main articles separate from the ‘sidenotes’ or secondary articles. Frost began it’s life back in June, with a few sketches on my notepad. Next step was to rough out a visualisation of the design (pictured above). Then came the fun of coding it in. Modifing the WordPress 'loop’ was pretty easy going, I’ve gone down this route for a while now. But getting the three sidenotes to sit comfortably beneath the main article was proving some problems. So much so I gave up on the idea for a few weeks, almost admitting defeat. On a cruise through the either I came across Derek at 5thirtyOne, not only did I use his good name for a new web host but I borrowed his brilliant theme v2. v2was a similar design to the one I wanted to achieve so I set about modifing the files and setting to my own needs. However something was not write and despite the fact that Derek has released v2 to the public I felt wrong just changing the layout and not learning from the experience. So back to the drawing board. The end result is a total re-write of both v2 and the orginal ideas of Frost to create the them we have today. If you ever find your way here Derek I would like to thank for the theme and also the learning experience I had in studying your code. Frost is still not complete, whilst it was in the testing phase most pages were being validated as xhtml strict, however now for some unknown reason there are errors all over the place; I blame the move! There are also some little fixes I want to make:

Sort out alignment on home page Fix 'more’ link in related column, does not align right in FF Create a better search function Style all buttons and forms Ensure pages are valid Install a photo browser Fix the invalid characters; result of the sql import!