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Blogging Hiatus

If you are a regular you will notice a complete lack of activity. If your a new visitor; don’t worry you have not missed much! To be honest I’m not sure what has happened to me or where my motivation has disappeared to but it has definitely gone somewhere, even my Flickr account has been very quiet. Since last month I have reached one of those ‘crossroads in your life’ stages. You know the ones where you have to sit back and work out where it is you want to end up and how you go about getting there. Problem is I’m not sure where or how I want to head and I think it is causing some unrest and no doubt the divining factor in my lapse. Last week was actually a holiday from work, which was probably long overdue. However I spent most of the time catching up with with much overdo work around the house, (One of which was to create a little patio area # for the garden) when I should have really been trying to find some enlightenment to the situation. I really need just a few days to clear my head and work out the little bugs which are currently driving to distraction. Problem is there are so many things that need urgent attention that time to reflect is only a pipe dream at present. How can you find time to make time?