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Gone Off The Rails

Off the rails

Whoops! In the last couple of weeks I have really let myself slide, I’ve gone off the rails and so far I’m carving a nice little single track though the land of Unhealthy looking for some where to stop. Thats right I’ve hit the beer and smokes pretty bad lately! I blame Kevin next door, since he has found a new sense of single freedom I felt guilty for not helping him make the most of it. Plus he was the first one to start offering me cigarettes! Or is it Dave’s fault because he left me here to indulge in these dirty habits whilst he went off to watch the Tour and climb Mt. Ventoux, well done by the way! Maybe it could be Lucy for actually buying the cigarettes and making sure there was no reason to stop. Whatever the reasons might be, there is only one person to blame; myself. But then I think everyone needs to loose the plot a bit. It helps with finding direction. Time to clean up and sort myself out, I’m not going to have Mr. Ventoux kick my ass round Suffolk when he returns!