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Do you not see me?

What is it with drivers!?! I am cycling along through a local village, this village is a quiet, historic antique village with a very straight road (Long Melford for those in the know). Towards the end I look behind; seeing the car a way back, indicate right and move into the middle of the road ready to cross over. Nothing wrong with my intentions, a cyclist indicating is a strange thing anyway. But what happens, as I move over the car decides to try and over take me! Does she not see my arm stuck out? Can see not wait until I’ve made my turn to get past? If she was in that much of a hurry why not undertake me, I will be in the middle of the road anyway waiting to cross. Nope, she still keeps on trying to overtake, after she had almost hit my arm she realises that she is now on the wrong side with a car heading towards her so she pulls back into her lane, whoops you have not actually overtaken me yet! She is now forcing me into the kerb and creating the gamma radiation to flow through my veins. By this point I’ve had enough, I yell and geasture, no birds or anything, just a wave or confusion, however this seemed lost on her as she shrugged, looked confused and carried on her journey completely unaware that she did anything wrong.