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Life Goes On

I’ve been back for two days now and and I’m struggling to get back into the groove. Yesterday I was not really up to much so I spent the day trying to upload some photo’s of the trip and cleaning my bike. Today I finally sat down at my desk (home version) to find a pile of post and an in-box full of emails. The main task for the day however was to finish of uploading the photo’s. Lucy got a bit carried away with the camera and I’ve got around 900 photograph’s to upload; it has taken two days to get them all on Flickr! I tried to get into the swing of things and replied to a few emails; thanks for those of support and well wishes, cleared out several hundred junk mails. But after an hour or so I was bored again so decided to take a trip to see Rob at Lifecycle. I needed to sort out my buckled wheel from the trip so enjoyed the escape. Tomorrow I’ve got to return to work and so far I’m not looking forward to it, of course it will be good to get my teeth into something again but so far everything feels a bit slow motion compared to last week.