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Day 4

Start: Selkirk End: Kingussie Start Time: 7:30 End Time: 20:45 Distance: Average Speed: Weather: No Wind, Sunny and Very Warm

Wow our first lay in, well sort of. We had about ½ hour extra as we didn’t have to drive anywhere to start with, which was a nice reward. We set off from the hotel at 7:30am.

Breakfast stop at 9:30am in a lay by in Edinburgh! Sorry Dave, where that’s lay by suppose to be? What you don’t know where we are? Yes we got lost in Edinburgh. Anyway, we found the right way and found Margaret and Alan for breakfast. 11:40am we stopped at cross gates for some refreshments and some more ibrobufen as my knee was now twice it’s normal size! 15 minutes and then we were off again.

We had another quick stop at 14:00pm just outside Perth for some snacks and drinks. (really it was more of a first aid stop for sore bum’s and my knee!)

Lunch at 16:15pm at the very popular Victoria’s Restaurant in Pitlockery. The temperature had got up to 24’c and was slightly on the warm side again. By this time we were all pretty sore and we didn’t know whether it was sunburn or not, I don’t think we cared much! After lunch Alan and Margaret lay by hopped for us as it was pretty much all up hill and tiring. Lucy and Serena caught up with us at lay by 82 on the A9 where we stopped at 19:00pm. It was still quite warm for the time of evening and Lucy was trying to convince us that she found Nessy, I thought it was quite amusing and rolled about on the floor laughing.

We finally finished the day at 20:45pm at the hotel in Avimore.

Photographs from Day Four