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Day 3

First off sorry for not posting yesterday, had a few problems. Nothing too serious we made it to Bridgewater, covering 165 miles but one thing we had not planned was the sun. Dave ended up with a mild sunstroke and I have severely burnt the back of my right leg, so much that I just hit the pillow early. Added to that the first day was one hell of a up and down event, I’ve never ridden hills quite like that before! And they never seemed to end, the only saving grace was that you knew a downhill was at the end of every climb.

Tuesday started off with the passing of the first mental barrier, I got out of bed and got dressed; a good start. I also felt a bit better in my legs so we were off. Today saw some of the best riding I’ve ever done, first crossing the Severn bridge and then absorbing the beautiful countryside in South Wales. The day was a long one as we had to make up some miles, we hit the A39 just before Hereford and sat on that right up until Warrington were we are currently staying. Makes to Rob and his tri-bar set up we totally torn up Shropshire, I’ve lost count of how many counties we went through.

So far in two days we have covered nearly 360miles, we are on course for completion but it is a long way off yet and anything can happen.